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For Me to Know and For You Never to Find Out, Cats and Pain

19 May 2023
Practice Operations Theater
For Me to Know and For You Never to Find Out, Cats and Pain: Diagnosing and recognizing pain in cats is challenging. As predators, their evolutionary imperative is to mask any weakness they experience. Consequently, they will do whatever they must to keep up the illusion that they feel just fine, even in the face of significant, life-altering chronic pain - - not the best scenario for us to help them. Recognizing feline pain means understanding the behavior changes that are clues to discomfort. Tips of offering clients information on what to observe even if their cat is masquerading as pain-free. Subtle signs of pain are revealed, including how to note facial expression changes, known as the Grimace Scale. Getting cats to the vet continues to be an issue, and tips are presented. Also, supporting virtual care as a follow up. Explanations included encouraging exercise/enrichment and various products which can help with a multimodal approach, though Solensia is the game changer.
Steve Dale, Certified Animal Behavior Consultant - Steve Dale Pet World

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