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Canine Pancreatitis: New Paradigms for an Old Disease - Part 2 of 2

19 May 2023
Clinical 3
Pancreatitis is probably much more common and complex than realized. Perhaps surprisingly, it can actually range from subclinical and essentially inapparent to smoldering, to fulminant, SIRS, and even fatal. Our old explanation for the disease, an auto-digestive process, is at the least incomplete. Frustratingly, while testing technology has markedly advanced, there is still no gold standard pancreatitis test. On the plus side, however, new science and developments - including at least one new medication for acute pancreatitis in dogs - allow for more targeted and strategic management of the disease. With these exciting and encouraging developments providing new momentum in better dealing with this problematic, perennial pathology, hopefully veterinarians will soon have even better outcomes with their many pancreatitis patients.

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