Conference Program 2020


All About Otitis

13 May 2020
Clinical Theater 1

Otitis is a very common problem in veterinary medicine affecting our small animal patients. There are many cases that are relatively straight forward, but some of these cases are very difficult to treat and very distressing to the owner and animal. For those recurrent cases, finding the underlying problem is key to prevent it from causing permanent abnormalities or complications for the animal in the future. We will be discussing how to approach, diagnose, and treat patients with otitis. In addition, we will discuss some tips and tricks for handling some of these difficult cases to achieve the best outcome possible!

  • 1. Be able to identify common primary and perpetuating factors for otitis
  • 2. Be able to determine multiple options for flushing ears in your veterinary practice
  • 3. Be able to determine why culture and sensitivity is not always the most appropriate diagnostic tool for otitis
Jason Pieper, DACVD, Clinical Assistant Professor in Dermatology - University of Illinois

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