Conference Program 2020


Decision Fatigue: That's a Thing, & It's Likely Affecting You

15 May 2020
Veterinary Business Theater
Mental Health

Decision Fatigue is the result of thousands of decisions made on a daily basis that affect our ability to make quality decisions and ultimately affects our quality of life. Identifying areas of your life where you can make fewer decisions and preserve your decisionmaking energy will lead to a more positive mental state, more mental energy for the things you would rather do, and more less second guessing the decisions that make on a routine basis.

  • Be able to recognize the signs, symptoms, and causes of Decision Fatigue
  • Identify areas that decision-making can be reduced
  • Utilize technology to aid in the reduction of decision making that may be unnecessary
Beckie Mossor, RVT, RVT - Veterinary Advancements

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