Conference Program 2020


Essential Negotiation Tactics: Quick Tips for Immediate Use

14 May 2020
Veterinary Business Theater

Negotiation is a key part of veterinary medicine, but few of us receive training in how to negotiate effectively. Negotiation doesn't have to be the painful process of back and forth, it should be a relationship building process where both sides improve their position. In this session, we will explore how to approach, prepare for and communicate effectively during a relationship-based negotiation. This session will directly address employment negotiations and contain exact language for immediate use in effective relationship-based negotiation.

  • Upon completion of this session the participate will be able to:
  • Explain how to prepare for a relationship-based negotiation.
  • Develop interest lists for both parties involved.
  • Explain the concept of anchoring, leverage, and constructed number for use during an effective negotiation.
  • Articulate effective language during an effective relationship-based negotiation.
Lance Roasa, DVM, MS, JD, Veterinarian - drip.vet

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