Conference Program 2020


How to Market and Work Social and Traditional Media

13 May 2020
Veterinary Technician's Theater

A communication bootcamp, starting off with reaching millennial clients in this new day. From texting clients to using new systems and technology to easily support preventive care visits. Great grandpa veterinarian would have loved to use little effort to take advantage of technology and social media to communication messages, reaching dozens to hundreds of clients simultaneously – but the trick is to never lose that personal touch.
Includes a basic primer on social media, and how to create content, even writing a practice blog. It’s easier than you think. Tackling with candor dealing with angry clients pushing back publicly. It is personal. Is it still worthwhile to target traditional media? Basic tips for appearing on TV and radio.

  • 1. Creating a bond and communicating with clients is as important as it is with patients (pets).
  • 2. Communication is also important to market a practice, and market an individual
  • 3. Communication tips using social media
  • 4. Communication tips for traditional media
Steve Dale, Certified Animal Behavior Consultant, Certified Animal Behavior Consultant - .

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