Conference Program 2020


Lead Your Ship: Leadership Begins With You

14 May 2020
Veterinary Business Theater

In this session we will define leadership and examine the evidence-based strategies for developing leadership skills, emotional intelligence competencies, and wellbeing.
Outstanding leadership begins with you. Everyone is a leader that makes an impact in the workplace. What kind of an impact are you making?
In order to lead others well, you have to lead yourself well first. In other words, be the model. Everyone is watching the leader, and the emotions of the leader are the most contagious.
An outstanding leader becomes self-aware in order to improve the skills necessary to lead and manage others. We cannot change what we are not aware of. We will explore several assessments, including the Leadership Challenge. The best leaders are committed to lifelong learning and welcome and seek feedback. Learn to liberate the leader in you so that you liberate the leaders in others. Be the person others want to follow.

  • •Define the importance of leadership, emotional intelligence, and wellbeing for leaders.
  • •Describe three evidence-based strategies for developing leadership skills.
  • •Describe three evidence-based strategies for developing emotional intelligence skills.
  • •List three assessments to improve leadership competency.
Michelle Harcha, DVM, MA, Owner - LeadYourShip, LLC

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