Conference Program 2020


Let's Get Dressed Together: From IVs to Chest Tube Dressings

15 May 2020
Veterinary Technician's Theater

This lecture will review the common patient dressings for tubes encountered in emergency and critical care.

Review best practices for handling patient insertion sites.

Discuss bandage care for IV catheters (central and peripheral), incisional bandages, abdominal drains (i.e. Jackson-Pratt), feeding tubes (nasal and esophageal), thoracostomy tubes, and urinary catheters.

Discuss basic nursing care to maintain bandage dressings for each tube type.

  • 1. Understand best practices for handling insertion sites.
  • 2. Understand how to bandage/dress patient tubes.
  • 3. Understand how to care for patient tubes/insertion sites.
Courtney Waxman, CVT, RVT, VTS (ECC), Instructional Technologist - Purdue University

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