Conference Program 2020


More Than a Nibble: The Essential Guide to Bite Wounds

14 May 2020
Clinical Theater 1

Dog bite wounds are common in veterinary medicine and are often not as straight forward as they appear. Bite wound management requires patient stabilization, wound exploration, wound debridement and (usually) open wound management. Decision making on when to close a wound will be discussed. Cases will be presented and management strategies offered, including lavage techniques and fluids, techniques for debridement and options for wound dressings.

  • •Dog bite wounds need to be explored
  • •Crushed, necrotic tissue takes time to declare itself, but must be debrided
  • •Many dog bite wounds should be opened and managed as an open wound until healthy granulation tissue is forming
Kelley Thieman, DVM, MS, DACVS-SA, Associate Professor - Texas A&M University

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