Conference Program 2020


Nonblanching Skin Lesions: Using the Slide to Solve Skin Problems

14 May 2020
Clinical Theater 2

Although we commonly harp about taking cytology samples of all the dermatology cases, there are other uses for that glass microscope slide. Diascopy is one of those and it can be used to determine whether erythema of the skin is able to be blanched or not. If the lesions are blanched out, it tells you that the erythema is due to vasodilation instead of hemorrhage into the skin. This simple tool can help narrow down your differential diagnosis list and is easily applicable in your clinical practice. We will discuss some of the diseases that are typically nonblanching. These discussions will include clinical appearance, diagnostics, and treatment options for each of them.

  • 1. Know how to perform diascopy and what is means
  • 2. Be able to identify ways to biopsy the ear pinna
  • 3. Be able to validate the importance of specific history questions in nonblanching skin lesions
  • 4. Be able to determine the best lesions to biopsy when evaluating these skin lesions
Jason Pieper, DACVD, Clinical Assistant Professor in Dermatology - University of Illinois

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