Conference Program 2020


Reproductive Surgery Controversies

15 May 2020
Clinical Theater 2

In the US, we often recommend spay and neuter in young animals. 50-75% of pet dogs in North America are spayed or neutered as is recommended by the AVMA, ASPCA and Humane Society (Hoffman, 2013). The ideal timing for spay / neuter is unknown. Recent literature has indicated that gonadectomy, and specifically early gonadectomy, may lead to increased incidence of orthopedic conditions, obesity, and certain neoplasms. The controversies surrounding spay / neuter and alternative procedures will be presented.

  • •Sterilized animals have a longer life
  • •Sterilized dogs have reportedly higher rates of cancer and orthopedic disease
Kelley Thieman, DVM, MS, DACVS-SA, Associate Professor - Texas A&M University

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