Conference Program 2020


Saving Lives Is the Easy Part: Surviving Money Talk & Other Uncomfortable Conversations

15 May 2020
Veterinary Business Theater

Money Talks the Easy Way: Defining and Assigning Value (2 hours)
Why is it so hard to talk about? How can we better communicate our services value to our clients? Or team? The manner in which your team handles value questions can determine if a client leaves or returns. It can also affect a positive internet review or a negative one. Our focus - “How to” have a positive money discussion and care plan review. Come find proven steps for your team.

  • •Evaluating the relationship of money with power and culture
  • •Identify Behavioral Economics and why it matters
  • •Recognize how Care Plans add value
Mary Ann Vande Linde, BSA, DVM, Founder - Vande Linde And Associates, LLC

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