Conference Program 2020


The Impacts of Diagnostic Partnerships on Profitability in Modern Veterinary Hospitals

14 May 2020
Veterinary Business Theater

Practice growth and profitability are common concerns for practice managers and owners in today’s veterinary landscape.  This presentation explores the role of diagnostics in practice profitability.  Emphasis is placed on how to increase profit, partner with a diagnostic provider to increase patient care and client experience and price diagnostic services to generate an appropriate return.

  • Understand how practice expenses and revenue contribute to profitability and how practice financial health directly correlates to the overall health of the practice.
  • Apply strategies to maximize profit.
  • Recognize the role and value of a strategic diagnostic partnership in the modern veterinary practice.
  • Describe how diagnostic testing can uncover patient abnormalities, leading to enhanced patient care and ethical practice profitability.
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of general pricing strategies used in veterinary medicine.
  • Learn how to implement pricing strategies to increase pet owner acceptance of recommendations.
Elizabeth Hetler, DVM, CVPM, Veterinary Business Practice Training Manager - IDEXX

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