Conference Program 2020


They Say We Gotta Go to Rehab: Creating Rehab Protocols in General Practice

14 May 2020
Veterinary Technician's Theater

Physical Rehabilitation encompasses a multimodal approach towards the management of chronic and acute conditions and can help improve surgical outcomes and the quality of animals’ lives. Through an understanding of general physical rehabilitation principles, modalities and case management strategies for common orthopedic and neurological conditions, therapies can be easily integrated into general veterinary practices to elevate patient standards of care.

  • - Review objective assessment measures used in physical rehabilitation to help guide therapeutic outcomes including goniometry, muscle girth measurements, compensatory assessment, pain, and disability scoring
  • - Summarize common orthopedic and neurological conditions which may benefit from rehabilitation; including different age or at-risk populations (obesity, working or performance)
  • - Understand how different physical modalities such as photobiomodulation, pulsed electromagnetic fields, and soundwave therapy are utilized and integrated in the multimodal approach. Review how individualized therapeutic exercise programs are utilized, including frequency of treatments and protocol development
  • - Discuss the importance of continuing education for all team members and strategies for successful outcomes when discussing therapies with pet parents
John Nielsen, CVT, VTS (ECC, Physical Rehabilitation), CVPP, CCRP, Veterinary Technician Specialist - Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota

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