Conference Program 2020


We Only Have 5 Minutes: Realistic Behavioral Guidance in General Practice

15 May 2020
Veterinary Technician's Theater

Most veterinary practices are very fast paced with schedules booked tightly and team members running from room to room. Therefore, how do we give veterinary behavior recommendations in such a short amount of time? Our patient's behavior is just as important as knowing their diet, weight, heart rate, or vaccination history. If our patient's behavior is abnormal this may affect the human animal bond and may result in the patient being re-homes or euthanized. This lecture will focus on how we can add veterinary behavior care into every patient's exam by utilizing the veterinary nursing and support staff and adding in tangible techniques in every exam to open the door to conversation.

  • - Obtain concepts for Veterinary Support and Nursing staff to observe and monitor behavior throughout the entire visit.
  • - Understand and review human body language techniques while history taking to create a relaxing environment for your client to feel open to discussing behavioral concerns.
  • - Understand "Red Flag" behaviors that can be observed at a comfortable environment for discussing behavioral concerns with clients
  • - Obtain comfort in knowing when to refer cases to a veterinary behaviorist or a skilled trainer in your area.
Rachel Lees, RVT, KPA CTP, VTS (Behavior), Veterinary Behavior Technician - The Behavior Clinic

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