Conference Program 2020


What Diet Would You Pick? Case-Based Interactive Session on Selecting Diets

15 May 2020
Clinical Theater 3

Selecting diets for healthy pets and pets with medical conditions will be discussed by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist. Hot topics that clients ask everyday (such as raw, home-cooking, grain-free) will be addressed in an interactive format to allow attendees to actively participate. Through this interactive session, attendees will improve their ability to confidently answer a variety of nutrition questions that owners often ask and help owners select the most appropriate diets for their pets.

  • By the end of this lecture, participants will be able to:
  • 1. Create a list of nutrients of concern and nutritional goals for example patients.
  • 2. Prioritize diets based on their nutrient profile and ability to meet nutritional goals for each patient.
  • 3. Provide accurate responses to the most common questions about pet food while discussing diet options with pet owners.
  • 4. Calculate nutrient content on an energy basis from a pet food label's guaranteed analysis to allow for comparison between foods.
Deborah Linder, DVM, MS, DACVN, Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist - Tufts University

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