Conference Program 2020


Wrap It Up: Bandage Types & Principles

15 May 2020
Clinical Theater 2

Bandages, splints, casts and slings are commonly used in small animal patients. They can be used for stabilization of fractures or luxations, to help manage postoperative swelling and for protection of wounds. There are many different types of bandages or forms of external coaptation however careful attention to the suitability and application of an external bandage is important as inappropriate use will lead to unsatisfactory results. Bandaging is both a science and an art and a clear understanding of the basic concepts and principles is critical to prevent complications. In this session bandaging principles and indications will be discussed as well as tips and tricks for successful application and to minimize complications.

  • •Understand the basic science behind bandage application
  • •Know the indications for application of common bandages, splints, slings and casts
  • •Describe how to appropriately place common bandages, splints, slings and casts
  • •List common bandage complications and describe appropriate methods to treat them
Tisha Harper, DVM, MS, DipACVS-SA, DACVSMR, CCRP, Clinical Associate Professor - University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine

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