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Looking for an additional challenge to enhance your learning at Chicago Vet? Sign up for one of our small-scale labs & workshops. These hands-on sessions provide the perfect opportunity to ask questions, get feedback, and gain the crucial experience to put these new skills into practice.

Immerse yourself in one or more of these opportunities, which offer a small-group learning environment with our top-tier instructors. These labs and workshops are the perfect place for those who are tight on time, but still want to tackle a new procedure or freshen up an existing skill.

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Feline Oral Surgery 

Sponsored by Steris Animal Health

Open to: veterinarians

In this four hour course, veterinarians will perform intraoral regional nerve blocks and discuss their role in multimodal pain management.

  • Learn what makes cat extractions unique and how to utilize dental radiography to facilitate decision-making.
  • Create and execute oral flaps
  • Practice how to properly use a high-speed drill to remove alveolar bone and section teeth
  • Learn how to effectively use root elevators to loosen teeth roots
  • Practice surgically closing extraction site defects in cat cadavers for mandibular teeth
  • Participants will also practice with cat cadavers

Cranial Cruciate with Orthozip

Sponsored by Steris Animal Health

Open to: all attendees

This six-hour hands on workshop will be a comprehensive exercise in extracapsular repair of the canine cranial cruciate ligament.

  • The laboratory portion will cover the lateral approach to the stifle, removal of the cruciate remnants, inspection of the meniscus and an overview of the meniscal release
  • Stabilization will be applied using the lateral suture technique with a focus on proper suture placement using proven isometric points
  • High strength orthopedic adjustable locking loops (OrthoZip by Everost) will be placed isometrically using Orthozip posts and tightened
  • All attendees will receive constructive feedback on their repair from an experienced surgeon

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